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Healthy Cattle of different variety are served here!

About Us

Medically fit, healthy and high milk producing cattle are found at singularly Karnal (Haryana, India) settled, Well Breed Dairy Farm. Our company as a trader is fulfilling demands various customers by serving milch of cattle that is well-nurtured with care and posses no disease. HF Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Murrah Buffalo, Jersey Cow, Sahiwal Bull and much more are offered by the company at affordable price structure.

Cattle offered by us is medically examined. Everything pertaining to farm animals' dietary and sheltering needs, is well-looked after by our trained team of experts who are into this business of dairy business from so many years. At regular intervals of time, veterinaries are called upon by team of experts to have a complete medical check-ups of cattle. This is done in order to serve simply healthy and quality-marked Cattle. 

Home To Farm Animals

Our sheltering space is nothing less than a home to animals where the feeling of love and security is experienced by them. In a large area of land, we have this proper well-shed space where farm animals are kept safely. Big sized water tanks are placed for the drinking purpose. Also, at the side we place animal feeding products, for cattle to have an easy access to food whenever feel hungry. We take complete care of our farm animals' health and safety by forming daily food intake diet chart in sync medical prescriptions and making two training experts stand by the gate of sheltering space and look after farm animals' needs.

Reasons To Choose Us
  • Deals In Milch of Cattle- Client-centric as we are, we pay close attention to the specific needs of clients. We offer cattle such as Gir Cow, Murrah Bull, HF Bull, Sahiwal Bull in variety to meet several demands of customers.
  • Flexibility In Payment- There is nothing our customer-focused company wouldn't do to increase contentment level of valued clients. Our business unit offers easy payment options to simply monetary transaction process of clients.
  • Wide Infrastructure Space- We have invested a large sum of money in developing infrastructural space. For different kinds of works, we have a various spaces such as sheltering space for keeping animals, wide open grass area of grazing cattle, administrative area etc.
  • Trained Experts- Our business entity is having support of well-trained experts who carefully handle all the business operations. From food to medical, they take proper care of farm animals

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